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Massage is the power of touch and probably the oldest form of health therapy. My healing hands, aromatic oils loosen tight muscles,improve circulation, soothe the mind, nurture the spirit and promote a sense of well being. Feel your muscles being kneaded and the tension seep away, to the point of feeling completely relaxed and carefree. 

Body of Bliss Massage

I am here to love, nurture, heal, and activate you... through presence, sound and touch. I blend my massage styles with full body-to-body flowing strokes, moving the energy continuously around your body; deep, strong, light and soft... Body of Bliss Massage is Sacred Temple Bodywork. While you are invited to express your needs before and during the session, here you are encouraged to go on an inward journey to experience the healing more fully and deeply & to allow yourself to enter a sensual shamanic trance. Tune in, dial up & remember.

"Body of Bliss" Massage is essentially conscious, loving, healing, sensual massage, while awakening and remembering our pure essence and innocence. It is the human condition of separateness that has us longing to touch and be touched, without judgment, in unconditional love and acceptance.

I invite you to awaken to the love within the sacred temple of your own heart and being, to the Art and Body of Bliss! Open the gates & windows to heaven.

Purely Therapeutic Spa Massage

Therapeutic massage with long, comforting strokes of light-to-medium pressure improve circulation and evoke a warm, soothing sensation. This massage is perfect for a first time massage and for those that need to escape the stress of life and enter into a world of total relaxation. 

Shamanic Temple Bodywork 

This is a special erotic body to body massage: a deep journey for your soul, an ancient healing art working on the physical & luminous energy body to clear, restore, harmonize & balance your system. Using a combination of massage, body to body massage with special movements, this work can have profound restorative effects on one's overall well being.

"The Summer Storm.
         The hot days follow one another, with no end in sight. The earth is parched and dry. Then there comes a stillness in the air, thick and oppressive - the calm before the storm. Suddenly gusts of wind arrive, and flashes of lightning, exciting and frightening. Allowing no time to react or run for shelter, the rain comes, and brings with it a sense of release. At last.
"Hi-Healer"- is designed for those gentlemen in need of a quick relaxation time, but with a touch of class. After a quick get to know each other, we proceed to massage part of the session. I start with a relaxing massage followed by tantra erotic massage. A full girlfriend experience is also possible depending on your wishes. Session time is TWO hours which is fine those gentlemen with limited time and for those who wish to experience something different during their lunch break, in the afternoons between meetings or relax in the evening after long, busy day. Donation for this session is 450 euros. 
Malaysia 2000 / Singapore 750 SGD

*An intense release for deep stress & anxiety" - FULL 3 hours - A full body massage, using special oils. Body to body massage followed by oral play and full Girlfriend experience. This session can take place in my apartment where you will be welcomed by relaxing atmosphere or in your hotel suite / home. Donation for this session is 550 euros. Tell me what you need! Allow me to please you in as many ways as possible. This is your time of relaxation and enjoyment.

Malaysia - 3000 / Singapore 900 SGD

*A trip to Freedom" - 4 hours - Forget your daily life and create a mini holiday with me. Discover my body! Have fun! After you will have a feeling of being renewed and ready to start again. Why not? This is your chance to try something new! Donation for "A trip to Freedom* is 680 euros.

Malaysia - 3500 / Singapore 1200 SGD

"Blissfully unaware" - is a session designed for those who wish to give up their daily life and concerns to enjoy the erotic moment with a lady. This session is for longer time (5 to 6 hours) and it is perfect for late evenings or in the weekends. How about a glass of wine or champagne? My approach is to meet you as a friend/lover (and not as a client). We both aim to cherish each other bodies and enjoy the gift of erotica. I have my fantasies and you have yours. We find what we both like and create a memorable time. Anything is possible, only your mind sets the limits! A 5 hours special rendezvous is 800 euros as a gift of your kindness.

Malaysia - 4500 / Singapore 1400 SGD

An overnight together (can we handle each other?!) is 1400 euros.

Please inquire about donations for sessions in Malaysia (MYR), Singapore (SGD) and Dubai (AED).

The Erotic Play sheet 

Before or during our meeting I will ask you to describe your feelings and desires at the moment: 

           I am feeling:____________(for example: exhausted, drained, angry / excited) 
           I definitely want:_________(for exp: to fuck  / to be blindfolded and restrained / to relax)
           I definitely do not want:____ (for exp: any bdsm / any pain / full sex)
           By the end of this ritual, I would like to feel:___(for exp: centered, powerful, at peace / happy, helpful)
          My intention is:____________________(for exp: to feel my entire body)

Breath:____________________________(for example: heart breath and breath of fire)
Erotic activity:________________________( partner sex / not sure, maybe erotic massage)
Body massage strokes:___________________( slow, deep glides and circles / not sure)
Position to fuck in:_____________________( any / on top / not sure if I want to fuck)
Genital massage strokes:__________________(fire, rainbow rub, twist and shout / any or all are good)
Ritual attire:________________________(silk, but not for long! / my leather skirt / stockings)
Ritual style:_________________________(soft, intimate / dont know /dark and intense)
Sensation - producing devices:_______________(fingers / mouth & hands & pussy / whatever works)
Sex-toys:____________________________(none / whatever you want / strap on)
Sounds:_____________________________(new age / jazz or instrumental )
I will imagine:________________________(my sexual energy is coming into my cock )
Sensations I would like to feel:______________(intensity / stroking, sensual / your mouth on my cock)

Amsterdam is a fun city to explore and what better way to do it then with someone who had lived here for years. Whether you are an art lover who can spend hours in a local museum or a person who enjoys city walks searching for hidden treasures, I believe I can find something exciting for you. Below are a couple of activities we could do together. You can treat it as a kind of foreplay or if you prefer, a tour guide with an erotic touch:

Walking along the old Amsterdam and canals with possible visit to Red Light District. I am sure you would appreciate to view the city from a bit of different perspective.

Biking together. I do have my own bike. I can recommend for you places where you can rent one. Some of the hotels offer free bikes for guests. If you have not done it for years, why not to give it a try? It will be an adventure!

Visiting local museums. Amsterdam has number of places for both classical and modern art lovers. If you like to visit, I would recommend to start early because of earlier closing times. 

An afternoon or evening in a local sauna (outside your hotel ;) You may know it already or not, going to sauna in Amsterdam you shell not need your bathing suit or even underwear. Going nude is not only a choice but it is obligatory. It is not as if you would mind. Being nude is a natural state of being. Stripped of all your material possessions, at first you might feel this slight feeling of discomfort. If you stay with it, it will follow by acceptance and even enjoyment. You will have a lot of fun.

​Tantra Bodywork

Tantra Bodywork combines the sensual Body of Bliss Massage with various additional tantra principles. The intention of my Tantra Bodywork sessions is to explore in a mutually dynamic interactive format. It is so nice to dissolve into essence, to escape the mind's constructs, to follow by touch, by tenderness, by intuition, by Spirit, by Love.