Getting Naked

Getting Naked

A few reflections on Friday evening

by Jane Twain on 10/30/15

Having lived in the middle east for a long time, I am aware like any long term resident that being here has its pluses and minuses.

Each city in the region has its own charm, but also negative points. I guess it is the same with everything in life, from activities we chose to engage in to work we do and foods we eat. Moderation is essential as well as finding balance in key areas of our life's.

I consider weather being one of good points. Having been born in the cold country like Poland, I have always been fond of warm climates. As a child I dreamed of palm trees and white beaches. I imagined how wonderful it would be to travel to an exotic island somewhere in the middle of ocean. I have watched movies like Robinson Crusoe and collected summer dresses just in case my dream would come true. Winters in Poland back then were cold. Temperatures reaching well below zero with snow and ice being an essential part of long cold months. Summers were short, with a weather usually warm, but with occasional rain to relieve the heat. I enjoyed those days spending my time in the meadow near my home looking at the sky, dreaming of far away countries, listening to the sounds of nature, and the lake nearby. Sometimes I would set up a tent wanting to sleep outdoors. It did not matter of insects or other animals which feasted on my body. I enjoyed it fully, knowing that the warm weather would be over soon and wait till next year long and tiresome.

Being here in the Gulf with warm weather all year around and almost no rain, I consider a blessing. I do not need to worry about wearing a coat when going outdoors or forgetting an umbrella. Anytime I want I can go to a beach and adore exotic plants around me. How nice it is not to worry about a frost or upcoming snow storm. Life is good.

Another important plus i need to mention is my ability to engage in being a companion to gentlemen. I started it from internal reasons, in other words from the need to be stimulated, to be challenged and to discover something new. It was about my sex drive, but also about myself. I needed to stretch my limits, questioning what was possible or even allowed, and what was not. I needed to questions moral standards I grew up in. I needed to free myself from the concept of what was right or wrong. I wanted to be free. I can not deny. I liked the money too and what came with it. I could now travel, to experience the world myself, photographing it in my minds eye. Nonetheless I have never been a big spender. Luxury life and designer goods having no appeal to me. I just did not feel the need for it. When I started being a companion, back in 2007, I already had good savings accumulated from my previous jobs, some of them being modelling assignments which were quite a few those days. I started it in Holland with an open mind and excitement of finally breaking of the boundaries I had set for myself. I treated it as fun, something I did during the weekend when I had a free time. I set up a website for myself advertising on the internet. People who contacted me were usually business men visiting Amsterdam for a day or two. They wanted to meet a nice lady for a few hours of relaxation and pleasure. I enjoyed it driving to most of my appointments by bike, wearing jeans and a tshit. A GIRL NEXT DOOR, some of them used to say looking at my outfit laughing. At that time I did not know how to dress otherwise assuming that it was the way it had to be. I travelled around the Europe, being invited to Portugal, France, Italy and Ireland. Always researching for something new, I started to venture out to Far East exploring locations I had never dreamed of before. I briefly visited Dubai in 2007 not so being impressed with the city. IT IS JUST A DESERT AND A LOT OF DUST, I thought. My impression changed during my next visit beginning of 2008. I was stopping over for the few days on the way to Hong Kong. All of the sudden I had a realization that it would be a perfect place for me to settle down. An international city with English being widely spoken, a huge male population which was perfect for my profession and of course, an European feel with many expats actually living here in this desert. Dubai was a place where dreams were made of. As time showed I was right, at least for a while.

Each GCC has a different regulation concerning taxes. Nonetheless most of them, including UAE do not recognize income tax, this means an expat salary is usually tax free unless he needs to pay it in his own country. I consider it a plus as I guess majority of people living here do. Of course the country has to sustain itself, so there are a number of other taxes to pay, for exp. In Dubai, there is a service tax, hotel tax, tourism tax and of course road one too. Expatriates or the company who employs them have to pay to live and work here, with healthcare being generally expensive and cost of living high. All of this can be justified for lifestyle and beautiful weather.

***Article to be continued.

Kuwait Life

by Jane Twain on 10/03/15

Sitting in a cafe attending my emails and other important messages is no the best way of doing my work. If i had a personal choice, I would opt for doing the same sitting on my living room couch or even in bed.  How much more comfortable it would be. I would be permitted to touch my breast once in a while or to scratch my back. I could wear whatever I wanted, or just be naked. Sitting in a lobby in one of the hotels in Kuwait is not way perfect but the only solution if I ever want to read my emails. I usually end up here renting one of the flats with very weak or worse, no internet access. Flat is usually nice with big living room, most importantly one or two couches (my favorite way to start a session is teasing on them), a bedroom with a good size bed , kitchen and a bathroom. Most of all, a flat is discreet and totally different from majority of hotels here which in Kuwait are in no way a suitable location for a naughty activities I do. Yes I know, sitting in a lobby can be tiresome, strangers looking with curious eyes, local families busy with each other. It can be interesting from time to time though, if one likes to watch others or prefer a change of environment. Personally it is not my piece of cake.

Still Kuwait has become slowly one of my favorite locations in the GCC together with Doha. I can not help myself but notice friendliness of people. Meetings here take special quality and shape into a perfect social encounters. People take the time to enjoy life, approaching an escort as they would any lady they would be meeting for a date. How lovely it is!

My time here is filled up with a variety of activities, from taking time to write my book (currently finishing first chapter), answering my emails, chatting on what's up, to managing my finances and meeting a stranger for something out of routine encounter to jogging on the Kuwait streets and going to lulu market to buy candles. Balance and for that matter, variety, is important in my life.

Jogging though Kuwait street is an interesting matter. I guess it is not very often to be seen, an European lady running like mad though local streets. Sometimes I get a stare or two, sometimes a whisper or a hi. Most of the times I am ignored. Now with a temperature having reached a manageable level, I like to do it once in a while. It relaxes me and gives my brain a fresh start.

Buying candles is essential. I can never run too short of them. I usually get them together with lots of other items, including food and condoms. For the massage oils, I prefer special stores as I like them to be excellent quality and variety. I am also fond of sexy lingerie. I usually get one extra piece every month or so to keep things interesting.

A session is an important event. I usually like to start getting ready well ahead for everything to be perfect. I like the room to be warm and cosy, with lots of candles, classical music and arousing smells. I take a bath, put a light make up and a lingerie of a choice. I am waiting till knock on the door after which i kiss my visitor on the cheek. My aim is for us to be moved in other time and dimension. Smell the candles, listen to the music, talk and touch each other, experience the magic of the moment, no matter if it is two hours or a night. After all, memories are made in present.

Now is the time to stop being lazy and return to writing my book. I have shared with you a word or two, so do not blame me. After all we all have duties to come back to, and learning how to write is for me one of them. Talk to you soon, whether by text or what's up, maybe messenger or email. Wherever you are!

The Good News and the other News

by Jane Twain on 09/13/15

I like to be honest with you, writing about sexuality and most of all my profession is not an easy task. I would say it is a task filled up with challenges, contradicting points of view, controversy. But if you look at it, it is a subject we are all interested in from late teenage years though our lives. It is a subject we all want to know about, are curious about and in secret desire to experience even a small part of it. Indeed it is a taboo in majority of cultures. Sex is not something one sould talk about and all things related to prostitution are bad. I know it to well from my childhood and teenage years. I grew up in a strict religious environment where sex before marriage is forbidden, and it is only a means to build a family. It was only by chance how I got to know opposite sex and only in my early 20 s I started to have erotic encounters. My curiosity took the best of me and I started to taste "forbidden fruit". From my experience in the Middle East, many men also start late. I would encourage them to explore this area of their lives despite shyness and traditionalism of the region.

Talking about writing, I have lately received an offer to write a book about my experiences in the Middle East, my modelling years in Europe and early 20s years leading to my desire to escape conservative household. I decided that I will take this challenge despite not having written a book before.  It also means I will be writing less in my blog for the sake of the bigger project. It will be a memoir which sould make you laugh, cry and get excited. I think my life has been nothing short of a movie so lets put it on paper!