Getting Naked

Getting Naked

Your next door escort might not be as high class as you may think

by Jane Twain on 03/14/16

Often times I am asked what is the difference between me and other girls who publish themselves on the internet. If one researches for an escort in Dubai, Bahrain or Muscat, one would notice an overwhelming number of profiles. Some of the girls are really stunning, others offer unusual services, yet others special prices. Man researching for massage and sex in the Gulf has plenty of choice, or does he? The truth is that despite each of them being different, they are essentially the same. I would compere it to the basket of tomatoes. If you look inside you would find different shapes, sizes and even colours. In essence though, all of them belong to the same kind. Whatever way you look at it, they are still tomatoes. The truth is that claiming to be high class does not necessary mean that one is high class and offers exceptional service. Most of the time it is just a marketing strategy from escort agencies promoting their girls. One would ask, what difference does it make? Some men claim that hooker is a hooker, no matter what she asks. After all if they can get the same thing for the lower price, this is even better. Let me compare it to a ride in an overcrowded bus to privacy offered by a limousine. Would you prefer the first one or the latter? Ride is the ride, but the experience is totally different. This is why some of the best limousine companies in Dubai are doing good business. Some people understand that for some experiences the price is higher. It is the same like eating chicken in KFC and sitting in one of the best restaurants in town. Meat is the same, but the taste and the experience totally different. 

High Class is not only about looks (as some men might think). Lovely face and figure are only a part of the whole package, an icing on a already sweet cake. There are two main differences between a true elite companion and girls who only claim to be the one, but essentially they are not. Number One, Brain. Yes you read it right, the thing between our ears. If you look at majority of profiles, you notice that they look, sound and are almost alike. It is very rare for a girl in the Gulf to have her own website or even to write a blog. In reality majority of profiles are written by agencies and if you find an independent in Dubai, there is little to be said in their text except essentials. If a girl has her own website and besides showing her body, also make an afford to write to present her personality, this is the good sign.

Number two, price. Please do not expect a high class companion (no matter how much they claim to be) for 1500 Dubai roses or less. They come to Dubai and make escorting their full time job staying in luxury hotels on permanent basis. Just to pay their bill they need to meet one man in a day, not to mention to make a profit. If you visit them, you are eating in KFC or riding a local metro. You may be riding first class or be well happy with you KFC meal (after all restaurant has a lot of good reviews), but in the end you are still a customer in a public transport or fast food establishment. You may chose this option because the price is less and you want to safe money, this is well fine. After all, not everyone can afford to dine in a luxury or drive a limo on a daily basis. Still, no matter what they say, you are going to be a number in their day. Like a patient waiting to have their teeth fixed by a local dentist. It is all well fine, but you are not the only one coming to their office that day. 

On the matters of massage and sex though, I would recommend (no matter how tight your budget) to chose something better for yourself. After all, you are going to have the most intimate relation with someone you have never met. Let it be a treat for yourself, even it means saving for a couple of months or being absent for a while.  

I do not engage in escorting full time. Usually, depending on the week, I do have two or thee appointments. Some weeks I take off to engage in other projects. And indeed, I have other things besides this. I am interested in business ventures, I do like to volunteer with children, I am a passionate reader on a variety of subjects (currently reading, Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, it gives you excellent insights about life), and write. I am now working on a new project, namely writing my own book. It is a lot of work, but it is enjoyable. After all variety is the spice of life. The book I expect to finish by the end of this year. And you may have guessed, It is going to be about me. Do not get me wrong. I am not one of those escorts who would write a boring recollection of her experiences, spicy details and money I made. Those books are already available. Just to go I write about life the way it really is. About my successes and struggles, good experiences and those bad once, challenges and risks. I will show you what really sex industry is all about. 


by Jane Twain on 01/07/16

I like change. It can come in small things like a different music (sometimes classical, some other times mind & spirit, others romantic), candles with a variety of smells and texture, to massage oils and outfits. I like to make things interesting, not only for myself but also for others. I treat each meeting special and make sure it is different from the rest. After all each of us is an individual person. Our small pleasures and fantasies define us. 

One of the things that keeps me on the constant edge of excitement is traveling. I like to have a feeling of being in the different places. I have been a keen traveller from the early age and still, despite years of it I am keen to explore new places or even return to those I have been before. It is this feeling of newness that gets me going. A passion to view life from a perspective of a different culture, tradition and religion. It is this what makes it interesting, exotic, real.

My travel took me to many places. Recently though I keep in the close proximity of the gulf. Flights are short, and yet still I get a taste of newness I so much long for. A taste of adventure at the small cost, a desire satisfied. Persian gulf has number of cities to explore. Whether it is Doha, Kuwait, Dubai or Muscat, despite close distance between them each of the places has a specific taste to it. I not only stay in different locations, but people I meet are different too. It not only keeps me stimulated but also it is a good material for my future memoir.

A resent addition to my travels is Bahrain. I have been planning to return to this part of the gulf for a few months already hesitating if this was a good idea. After all my experiences from 2011 was not the best. I visited it twice during that year, but the political situation of this place at that time made confused. On the latest visit I was taken by mistake as a journalist by immigration officers who thought I was planning to spy on their country. It took me long time to pass though the border, with my passport checked numerous of times as if my intentions were something I should hide. My only reason for visit then was sex, which was innocent though and would not pose threat to national security. I was glad to be finally allowed in, but the whole situation made me scared not to return again, for a long time.

Keeping busy helps you in many things, one of them is staying out of the places which potentially would consider you trouble. This is what I did for many years. I did not have a desire to return to Bahrain, in fact I did not even think about it. Then all of the sudden, at the end of 2015, I started to nurse this idea of travelling there again. I was not sure if it would be good,  but nevertheless it settled at the back of my mind surfacing from time to time, letting me know of its existence. SHOULD I GO? I kept thinking every time I received a message from someone interested to meet me there. I did not like this feeling of confusion, so I waited for the right opportunity to come. It showed itself in its simplest and most predictable form, a new years eve. Spending the last week of December in Kuwait was fine, but on this special night I needed to be somewhere different. During my years in the gulf, I have already experienced a new years in a number of cities, Dubai  Abu Dhabi and even Doha. I needed something exciting, unusual, but at the same nearby. I did not feel like taking a long flight to Europe, with its weather too cold for my liking or fly to one of the cities in the Far East for this special night. After having received a number of invitations from Bahrain, I decided that the choice was clear. On December 29th, I arrived, finally glad to be able to do so. To my surprise, the airport was exactly the same I remembered from 
2011. Very few things changed, or maybe none. I am not so sure. This time I was welcomed with open arms as if I was a local returning back home. The only difference was a staggering fee of 25 dinar entry fee, the highest I paid so far in the gulf. OH WELL, MAKING MONEY, I thought to myself when passing though. In the end it did not matter. I was here and my new years wish was to come true.

Each city in the gulf has it's own special charm. Bahrain also and this is what makes it fun. My original plan was to be here though new years eve. Due to the number of inquiries I received and interesting people I kept on meeting I decided to extend my initial stay. A new place is always refreshing like a cold breeze on the hot summer evening. A bit of change is good for all of us, whether it is in places we go to, jobs we do or people we have sex with. Some variety is good for you, and this is why I try to make each session special. I like details, even the smallest one matter to arouse our senses, awake our desires, making us lose ourselves in the moment. Pleasure is to abandon control, forget every day life. Besides always working or attending duties, take a moment to pamper yourself once in a while, express your emotions, be alive.

Being happy, being free

by Jane Twain on 11/20/15

I have always been researching for freedom and happiness. Sometimes aware of my aim, sometimes not. If only I have this, I would be happy. I kept thinking creating constant goals for myself. If only I travel there or achieve that, I would be free. The list was endless with always new things coming up as if being busy was the purpose of itself.

I would like to be clear from the start. Money gives you certain degree of freedom. It is an instrument which  allows you time but also ability to do things you would not be able to otherwise. Having enough of it to live a normal life is important. It would create situations which could help you to be happy supporting your well being. You could eat good healthy food, have time to exercise and long sleep. Money is the tool and if used wisely it can create miracles.

For a long time I thought that having plenty of it was the solution to my problems. That it was the only thing I needed if I wanted to be free. If I had this amount, I would be content, only if I had that I would do this and it would be the beginning of endless happiness. It never did. It caused me to want more and more of the same thing. I felt lost questioning myself and meaning of my life.

Only a few months ago I realized that freedom as well as happiness are internal. They have little to do with outside situations, things and people. It is a state of mind. It is an outlook we have on life and emotions we experience. It is as simple as enjoying every day and taking pleasure in things, a walk on the beach, a taste of a meal or a small chat with some stranger. It is being healthy in your body and mind. It is also being aware of the options we have and creating goals for ourselves just for the sake of it.

Happiness does Not depend on the other people, on having luxury items or staying in an expensive hotel. How many times you heard stories of someone wealthy addicted to drugs or excessive drinking. How many times you heard of celebrities committing suicide or getting in trouble with poisonous relations or bad deals. Money can help but no way it is the only path to happiness.

I still remember a meeting with a wealthy Pakistani gentleman despite that it happened in 2012. He made an agreement to book my time for one week staying in a luxury two bedroom apartment near Dubai mall. A rather good looking man in his 40s, married with children. He gave me a huge amount of cash from a separate bag under his shoulder. I had no doubt that he was rich. Nevertheless he kept repeating during our time together that I should not adore him, that some people had much more money then he did, that despite all of this he had his problems too. Our philosophical discussions took much more time then psychical fun. He kept on studying "the research of happiness" reading to me laud, interpreting some sentences, asking me for an opinion. At that time I was not interested in that much, but with the years passed I was starting to understand his distress and the true meaning of this meeting.

Being free is being content with who we are now. It is living with life in balance enjoying activities in progresses. It does not mean that we should be happy all the time laughing like little children with no reason. This is carelessness and ignorance. True freedom means acceptance of sadness, distress, frustration and anger. All the emotions are part of us and should not be ignored. The oppositions match themselves like yen and yang. All parts of the same whole. All parts of the totality of life.

Jane Twain

20 November 2015.